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Patent # 10578847


An exciting innovation in fiber optic video inspection! Providing a 'virtual 3-D' image of not only the complete fiber optic end face, but also, location of contamination.

RMS-1© is a new way to inspect fiber optic connectors. Existing direct view and video microscopy for these connections is based on two-dimensional Euclidean Geometry from the 2nd Century BC and a microscope first invented in the 16th Century!

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It was not so long ago that passing multiple megabits was an incredible achievement! In these times, it’s not unusual to design and deploy multiple gigabits and terabit transmission are more common than not. Regrettably, existing standards do not address the topic in a vendor-neutral style and are only updated every ten years.

Training for the future is the best practice. For many, the science of precision cleaning and precision inspection is often more ‘mythology’ than scientific reality. Considering the connection, no matter which type, and the type of debris, no matter which type, in the real world of 3-D is now possible, practical and an inexpensive reality with RMS-1.

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These new books are the first and only definitive study on the inspection and precision cleaning of fiber optic connections. Authored by Ed Forrest, who holds numerous important patents, the information in these books is based on data gathered from more than twelve years of laboratory and practical in the field research and development. His work is specified by major MSO in all industry segments.


Winter 2020 Update

NEW! Beyond 2019: Insights into Fiber Optic Connector Technology
Precision Cleaning and Inspection to the Highest Common Denominator

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